Imagine This

You reach into your mailbox and pull out a stack of envelopes. As you walk away, you flip through each one expectantly… bill, bill, junk mail, bill… and then, there it is.

A card. A real, live handwritten note in a gorgeous envelope, addressed to you. You haven’t even opened it, but already your day is better. Because someone thought of you, and sent you something wonderful.

That’s the power of a personal note. That moment is what Ecru is all about.

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About Us

Welcome to Ecru Modern Stationer.  I am LeAnn Dolan, the Founder and Owner of Ecru.  We are so happy you are here and learning more about Ecru.  We encourage you to check out our history & guiding values on our about us page.

Thank you for visiting and look forward to seeing you at our neighborhood shops soon.