Happy Birthday, Taurus!

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Those born under the sign of Taurus (April 20 to May 20 ) are said to like creative things that appeal to all the senses. That’s why these cheery, letterpressed birthday cards are the perfect way to say happy birthday to the Taurus in your life: They look good to the eye and feel great in the hand.

A Selection of Birthday Cards You’ll Find at Ecru

Birthday card by Elum Letterpress, $5.50

Elum Letterpress, $5.50

Birthday card by Ink Meets Paper. $5.25

Ink Meets Paper. $5.25

Birthday card by Elum Letterpress, $5.50

Elum Letterpress, $5.50

Birthday card by Ink Meets Paper, $5.25

Ink Meets Paper, $5.25

Birthday card by Bison Bookbinding & Press with artwork by Karoline Schnoor, $5.25

Bison Bookbinding & Press with artwork by Karoline Schnoor, $5.25

Birthday card by Elum Letterpress, $5.50

Elum Letterpress, $5.50

Easter Cards for That Somebunny Special

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Easter cards at Ecru Modern Stationer

Easter is just a hop, skip and jump away on April 20. Yes, this Sunday. And, if you need a little help filling a basket or two with chocolates, Easter cards and even small gift-y items, be sure to swing by Ecru and ogle our goodies. Whether you’re looking for something modern and bright, traditional or something in-between, we’ve got you covered.

A Sampling of Easter Cards at Ecru

Easter cards at Ecru Modern Stationer

Easter cards at Ecru Modern Stationer

Easter cards at Ecru Modern Stationer

Easter cards at Ecru Modern Stationer

Personal Letters Make Real Connections

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In this digital age, you can “connect” with people with the click of a button. But, establishing a real connection that makes a person stop, take notice and engage requires a more tangible effort. If you’re looking to make a real connection with the people in your life, consider sending them a handwritten card or letter.

A recent article in the New York Times takes a look at the resurging popularity of the thank-you note: “Where messages in an inbox look little different from spam, a tidy square in a mailbox crammed with bills commands attention. So does the vision of that other anachronism: penmanship.”

Essentially, if you’re hoping to make an impression and capture someone’s attention, send them a handwritten note because, as noted in the same article, “in the process of opening a note, feeling the paper, seeing the imperfection of the writing, reading the message in another person’s voice, you actually feel like you have a piece of that person in your hand.”

Establishing a real connection will require you to dust off your letter writing and penmanship skills, so we thought a little tutorial on writing personal letters as well as a cursive refresher would be useful.

Parts of a Personal Letter

Parts of a personal letter

  • The heading includes your complete address and date the letter was written.
  • The greeting is the opening salutation, most commonly “Dear _____.” Always capitalize the first word of the greeting and the recipient’s name.
  • The body of the letter is where your thoughts are organized into paragraphs. It’s acceptable to indent the beginning of each paragraph or simply leave a space between paragraphs.
  • The complimentary close and signature line consists of your closing sentiment (“Yours truly,” for example) and your signature in cursive. Always capitalize the first word of the close.



Writing legibly is extremely important when crafting a handwritten note. Cursive always adds an elegant touch—especially as you can create your own unique style—but printing is absolutely acceptable when your cursive needs a little, um, practice.

If you’d like to practice your cursive but don’t know where to start, wikihow has a great tutorial.

Happy connecting!

Do you have any questions about writing personal letters? What about a great personal experience to share? Sound off in the comment section below.

Artist of the Month: Smock Paper

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6 Reasons Why We Love Smock Paper

Letterpress and sustainability are two of Smock Paper’s trademarks. While one is wholly visible as you flip through a selection of letterpressed Smock designs at Ecru, the other is felt—on both a tactile level and innately. With a dedication to the historic craft of letterpress printing using modern, eco-conscious methods, Smock’s attention to exquisite detail fuels everything from vibrant, full color prints on greeting cards and stationery to the minimalist beauty of wedding invitations, all of it made on 30 antique presses by 80 employees in upstate New York—Syracuse, to be specific.

Visually, it should be obvious that Smock is easy to like, but here are six specific reason why we love Smock:

Dedicated to Being Green:

Smock Paper Save the Date card

Smock is absolutely, more than 100 percent dedicated to creating sustainable paper products. In fact, Smock redefines where its paper comes from by using bamboo (which grows faster, requires less water, generates more oxygen and absorbs more carbon than trees, among other positive environmental attributes). Besides, the texture of bamboo paper is soft and thick, making it the ideal place to stamp your letterpressed message using plant-based inks. Behind the scenes, Smock has robust recycling and composting programs, uses wind energy to power its entire plant, and donates to environmental organizations—all in an effort to spread the love for Mother Earth.

Excellence in Design:

Smock Paper wedding invitation

It’s much easier to show you an excellent design aesthetic than describe it. Check out the ways Smock uses color, texture and patterns, not to mention the stellar typography and artwork selections present in all of its designs. We have creative director Amy Graham Stigler to thank for bringing this beauty into our lives.

It’s All in the Details:

Smock Paper edge detail

Smock’s attention to detail makes its products feel like tiny pieces of pensive art, creating a truly unique experience for both the giver and receiver. From foil stamping and blind embossing to die-cut cards and custom envelope liners or backing patterns, enjoy the surprise of not only seeing Smock’s intricate details but also feeling them with your hands—like the colorfully painted edges of luxuriant, multi-ply paper.

A Vast Variety:

Smock Paper thank you note

From elegant to playful, cheeky or cheerful, compassionate or custom—in both design and message—Smock’s superb sense of style extends to a selection stationery, including wedding invitations, greeting cards, boxed and sticky notes, social stationery, gift tags, bags and boxes, notebooks, gift wrap, coasters, calendars and more.


Smock Paper wedding invitation box

All of the aforementioned will be applied to your custom wedding invitation, holiday greeting or thank you card, but what sets Smock apart is its attention to quality and detail, and that makes the ordering process a great experience from beginning to end—which ends, by the way, with you opening a special, personalized keepsake box in which your customized cards will arrive.

Wrap It Up:

Smock Paper sheet wrap

Smock’s eco stationery and cards should obviously be accompanied by gifts, but only those concealed in bamboo gift wrap—all of which feature appealing and complementary backing patterns (which don’t always have to be hidden!) that provide a great mix of color and design options on one double-sided sheet.

Happy birthday, Aries!

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Those born under the sign of Aries (March 21 to April 19) are said to be extremely adventurous, energetic and enthusiastic. That’s why these lively, bold and bright cards by Madison Park are the perfect way to say happy birthday to the Aries in your life.

Birthday Cards by Madison Park

These cards are $3.50 each.

Birthday card by Madison Park

Birthday cards by Madison ParkBirthday card by Madison ParkBirthday card by Madison Park

Spring is here!

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Happy Spring 2014 wp

Click here to get your SPRING SALE coupon!

Coupon good thru March 31st, 2014

Save the Date Cards

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Save the Date card: Anders Postcards

After you select your wedding date, Save the Date cards are your first opportunity to share basic wedding details with your guests so they can plan for your big day.

What’s a Save the Date card? It’s an informal notice mailed to your family and friends before the actual event invitation to help them plan and prepare to attend your wedding.

Do You Need Save the Date Cards?

  • Yes: If you’re planning a destination wedding.
  • Yes: If your wedding falls on a busy holiday weekend.
  • No: If your wedding is less than six months away, skip the Save the Date and send your wedding invitations a little early.

When to Mail

  • 9 to 12 months in advance: Destination wedding or busy holiday weekend.
  • 6 to 9 months in advance: Good general time frame for a wedding with mostly local guests and only the minority traveling.

 What Information to Include

  • Bride and groom’s names: The bride’s name always goes first
  • Date
  • City and state for standard Save the Dates (Note: It’s not necessary to list the actual venue)
  • City and country if you’re planning a destination wedding
  • Wedding website

We believe the phrase “formal invitation to follow” does not need to be included, but can be added based on your preference. Personally, we don’t think it’s necessary because Save the Date cards are very common these days and people know that the invite will follow when they receive a Save the Date card.

Style and Format

Depending on your preference, Save the Date cards can follow the style and tone of your wedding invitations, or you can show your personality by sending an informal, fun card.

Postcards are a popular option as they are often less expensive to print and mail.

Save the Date Cards Gallery

A selection of Save the Date cards you can find at Ecru.

Save the Date card: William Arthur Navy

Save the Date card: Smock PhotoSave the Date card: Smock Mt HoodSave the Date card: Smock FoilSave the Date card: Smock AnchorSave the Date card: EnvelopmentsSave the Date card: Envelopments Cats

Ecru is Hiring! Part -Time Sales Associate

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Ecru Modern Stationer
We are looking for an experienced and reliable part-time sales associate for 15+ hours a week.

Must be willing and available to work weekdays, Saturdays and occasional Sundays.

Job Duties:

  • Excellent customer service skills that include friendly and knowledgeable assistance to customers regarding store products and custom invitations
  • Assist in maintaining store cleanliness, organization and merchandising

Job Qualifications:

  • Retail experience required.
  • A passion for paper goods, gifts and wedding stationery.
  • Communication and people skills a must.
  • Great organizational and multi-tasking skills required.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Self-motivated with a strong work ethic.
  • Out-going with a positive attitude.
  • Must be able to learn POS computer/register.
  • Must be able to handle money and make change.
  • Must be able to take directions, follow store procedures and work independently in the store unattended.
  • Experience with Word and Photoshop a plus.

Please send a resume and cover letter outlining why your skills are a good fit for this position and your interest in working at Ecru Modern Stationer.  We kindly request no phone calls or walk-ins as we are a busy retail store.  We welcome your email of interest for this position so please send via email to LeAnn at write@ecrupaper.com

Happy Birthday, Pisces!

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Those born under the sign of Pisces (February 19 to March 20) are said to be highly imaginative, creative, kind, compassionate, sensitive and selfless. That’s why these artsy, thought provoking cards by Sacred Bee are the perfect way to say happy birthday to the Pisces in your life.

Sacred Bee Birthday cards, $4.25

Sacred Bee Birthday cards, $4.25

Sacred Bee Birthday cards, $4.25

Sacred Bee Birthday cards, $4.25

Sacred Bee Birthday cards, $4.25

Sacred Bee Birthday cards, $4.25

Sacred Bee Birthday cards, $4.25

Sacred Bee Birthday cards, $4.25

Valentine’s Boxed Card Sets: More to Love!

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Sometimes, a single Valentine’s card just won’t do. Maybe you’ve got an entire rolodex (or CRM, if you’re a nerd) of clients who need to feel the love on Valentine’s Day, or perhaps you’ve hit the mother lode on Match.com—no matter why you need more than one card doesn’t really matter. Ecru has you covered with boxed sets of Valentine’s cards.

Kids Valentines, $7.00 for 15 assorted designs

Kids Valentines, $7.00 for 15 assorted designs

Lark Press - Heart on Portland, $16 for box of 6

Lark Press – Heart on Portland, $16 for box of 6

Sugar Paper foil hearts, $17 for box of 6

Sugar Paper foil hearts, $17 for box of 6

Waste Not Hearts, $12.95 for box of 8

Waste Not Hearts, $12.95 for box of 8

Chalk Block Valentin (Waste Not), $12.95 for box of 8

Chalk Block Valentin (Waste Not), $12.95 for box of 8