8 must-try paper DIYs

Now that autumn is here in full force, the rainy and cold days are a perfect excuse to stay in and get crafty. We are excited to introduce a new feature here—a weekly roundup of DIYs for you to try. Since we love paper, it’s no surprise that the projects we will share are all paper-related, but each is unique and fun and we are sure you will find one to try and love! Here are our picks for this week’s 8 must-try paper DIYs:

8 must-try paper diys

8 must-try paper diys

1. Paper Leaf Wreath by christina’s adventures
2. Quote Banner by gathering beauty
3. Birch Gift Tags by homework
4. Origami Envelopes by gathering beauty
5. Recycled Gift Wrap by fair ivy
6. Way to Address Envelopes by the postman’s knock
7. Coffee Watercolor by i try diy
8. Book Page Tree by nut notch

With the holidays just around the corner these projects are a perfect way to give handmade gifts this season, wrap them up with style and even amp up your own decor!  Happy Crafting! xo team ecru

diy paper diamonds

We are so excited to have a lovely large window display in our downtown store! It’s a great opportunity to get creative with our products and this month, we decided to make these diy paper diamond garlands with some of our favorite Eggpress paper.

window display

Want to join in the fun? We were first inspired by this great blog. We’ve added a few tips and tricks that we thought might come in handy and here is how we did it:


  • Various Eggpress wrapping sheets or your favorite paper

  • Scissors and/or x-acto knife

  • Glue stick and/or permanent double stick tape dispenser

  • Tape

  • Fishing line

  • Bone folder (optional)

  • Self-healing cutting matt (if using an x-acto knife)

  • Ruler

  • 8.5” x  11” in. card stock

paper supplies


1)  Print and cut out the template on the blog. Trace it onto the card stock and cut out.

* You could just use the print out as a template but we found that a more sturdy template to be easier to trace and you can keep it for future projects!

2) Estimate how many diamonds of each color you would like to make and trace accordingly.

* Try and fit each tracing as close together as possible. Get the most out of that beautiful paper!


3) Cut out diamonds using scissors or x-acto knife.

4)  Fold cutouts using original printed template for reference.

5) Tape fishing line at point A (see first photos) and glue/apply double stick tape to flap A around line. Glue/tape remaining flaps, ensuring the fishing line exits at point B.

* Be sure there is at least a foot of fishing line at the top of the diamond to allow plenty of room for adjustments when hanging.

6) Measure 9” from bottom of diamond and repeat from #5 until desired garland length is achieved.


We hope you have fun with this project and if you do make some of your own paper diamonds, we’d love to see them!  Tag us on instagram, facebook or leave a comment with a link here.  Happy crafting! xo Mia